OK to asssemble apple strudel night before baking?

I'd like to assemble my strudel the night before, refrigerate, then bake in the morning? Will this work or will the bottom get too soggy? The apple/dried cranberry filling is cooked and drained before being rolled in phyllo.

  • Posted by: jeinde
  • March 15, 2013


Maedl March 16, 2013
OK, got you! I couldn’t imagine a strudel served with the apples still raw!
Droplet March 16, 2013
Yep,Maedl, that's what I mean...that the apple filling isn't traditionally precooked before meeting the pastry. Make pastry, roll,stretch,arrange raw apple filling, roll, bake...
Maedl March 16, 2013
Wait . . . Do you mean, Droplet, that the raw apples are placed on the pastry, the strudel rolled up, and then placed in the oven?
Maedl March 16, 2013
I have eaten a lot of apple strudel in Germany and Austria and I have NEVER seen it made with raw apple filling. In fact, I have seen the strudel being baked at my local Konditerei.
Droplet March 15, 2013
Well for mushroom strudel themushrooms definately need to be cooked. Traditional Austrian Apple Strudel uses sliced raw apples mixed with the spices/nuts/dried fruits per taste. That's how it is done in Germany too. But if you like it cooked, by all means do it so, it's your strudel :)
jeinde March 15, 2013
Thanks, was afraid it might not work. By the way Droplet, why shouldn't filling be cooked? I have made this recipe quite a few times (plus a mushroom strudel where the filling is cooked) and it comes out great.
Droplet March 15, 2013
I definately wouldn't do that with phyllo. However, you can bake it about 90 percent of the way and recrisp in a preheated oven in the morning- that works fairly well.By the way, strudel filling is not supposed to be cooked.
Monita March 15, 2013
I think you might have a soggy dough in the morning even if the filling is drained
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