What happens if you do not wait the full 2 hours for the bread to cool?

Irish Brown Soda Bread
Recipe question for: Irish Brown Soda Bread


Maedl March 17, 2013
The rewards of patience! for what it's worth, bread is never eaten hot in Germany. According to old wives, it give a person a bellache, but I think that was just a story they told to keep the bread fresh longer.
Maedl March 17, 2013
If it is still steaming when you cut into it, the lost moisture may result in a bread that dries out more quickly if there is any left over. Bread that sits a bit before it is cut has time to develop a bit more flavor, too--especially if it contains raisins or orange orlemon zest.
Nomnomnom March 17, 2013
Thanks Cynthia and Maedl. I waited it out! And it was worth it. Very moist and tasty!
boulangere March 16, 2013
Its texture may be a bit "gummy", but if you've just gotta have it, do it!
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