Swordfish recipe

What is the best way to get a moist, flavorful swordfish steak? I prefer grilling but haven't had a good result and would love some idea for adding flavor.



ATL July 1, 2012
Oh no--I did it twice! Darn iPhone! OverCOOK.
ATL July 1, 2012
Overlook not overlook, LOL!
ATL July 1, 2012
I grill as well and make a simple marinade first of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and dill. It flavors the fish but only lightly. When grilling, be careful not to turn too soon (sticking) and not to overlook or the fish will be tough. Enjoy!
mmarseglia July 1, 2012
I always grill my sword fish. I use a modified two level fire. My steaks are fresh and I get a thick cut, about 1". I don't brine.
drbabs July 1, 2012
I like to brine swordfish before grilling it and serve it with flavored compound butter. Here's a recipe I posted a couple of years ago:
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