Do you think this would work with regular small pasta, such as orzo? I'm not sure how couscous differs form regular pasta. I like to cook with wh...

...ole grains though, and it's easier to find whole grain orzo than whole grain Israeli cousous. Thanks

Laurie M
Citrus Olive Couscous
Recipe question for: Citrus Olive Couscous


HalfPint March 21, 2013
I think you can use acini de pepe ("peppercorn")pasta. All the big brands make this shape.
Couldn't B. March 21, 2013
Israeli couscous is just small round shaped pasta so any other tiny pasta would be a perfectly good alternative.
Flavor D. March 21, 2013
The recipe would need to be adapted for a regular couscous, as the written recipes cooking instuctions would leave you with a "mushy" dish. Perhaps try replacing some of the called for liquid in a standard the stand couscous directions with some citrus juice, and add in the garnishes at the end. Could result in a delicous new dish for you! Good luck
Monita March 21, 2013
Orzo could work as a substitute. You could also try whole wheat regular couscous (not Israeli)
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