gall bladder removal surgery

Hello all - My best friend just got his gall bladder removed. We live in Spain and the followup care was lacking - there was no dietary counseling beyond 'don't eat too much fat'. From what I have read, everyone seems to be different but most have to turn vegetarian or vegan and even then they find problems. Obviously, to some extent he needs to figure out what he can tolerate however I am looking for both some dietary guidance for post cholecystectomy and recipes I can pass on. Thanks!!

Daniel Decline


alygator March 23, 2013
I had my gb removed 2 years ago and received very little instruction after I had my surgery. In fact, I was told I could resume eating my normal way. Unfortunately, I am one of the people who gets very sick as my body can no longer handle the excess bile in my system. I use bile acid salts prescribed by my doctor and have adopted a paleo style of eating which has helped dramatically. I've noticed, as punkinpie wrote above, that processed foods bother me much more than home cooked fats. I eat very little processed food and no gluten. Lots of fruit and veggies.

I think the suggestions above are good. Smaller meals and reintroducing fats gradually are a good idea.
punkinpie March 22, 2013
Also it seems I can handle more home cooked fats than store bought. I'm suspcious of the low grade fats used in processed foods. Especially desserts. No problems with from scratch stuff, but store bought its harder to digest...
punkinpie March 22, 2013
Hi Dan, I had my GB out Jan. 18th. Ease back into eating fats in moderation. your liver is confused providing all the bile without the help of a GB. I'm pretty non fat during the week, but have added cocktail time cheese back into the rotation. Will be having a 1/2 sirloin for dinner tomorrow. I,m trying to ease back in some fatty foods, but I don't expect to be able to ever "overload" at one time again. Tell your friend to give it time. Good Luck and take it slow.....
susan G. March 22, 2013
People have told me that digestive enzyme supplements have been helpful.
Monita March 22, 2013
I had my gallbladder removed and the dietary guidelines were the same for anyone seeking to eat healthier; e.g low fat; high in soluble fiber from grains, beans, fruits like apples and pears. The now famous "mediterranean diet" is good to follow ( What I found particularly helpful just after the surgery was 1) drinking lots of water and 2) small meals or "grazing" rather than 3 large meals. Hope your friend has a speedy recovery
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