How to adapt shucked oysters for a recipe that calls for them on the half-shell

My parents were generous enough to bring back a pound of Apalachicola oysters for me from Florida. My challenge is that they are already shucked. I don't want to throw them in a casserole or stew, where they wouldn't be the spotlight. I'd love to make Oysters Rockefeller or Grilled Oysters with Sriracha Lime Butter but not sure if they'll work. I do have scallop shells that are food safe. Will the oysters get too dry without their juice? Thanks for any advice.

  • Posted by: Ktc1575
  • March 23, 2013


Greenstuff March 23, 2013
Your shucked oysters should have some juice, enough for what you have in mind. I'd be reluctant to use them in raw dishes, but for oysters Rockefeller or something grilled, you'll be fine. Just pay attention to pierino's tough love, and eat them up.
Sam1148 March 23, 2013
I have a cloth bag filled with old oyster shells from fresh oysters. I scrubed, boiled, bleached, repeat multiple times.
And use those for Rockefeller with precooked oysters.
Something to think of next time you have fresh oysters.
Also, Pier One will sell scallop shells--which is what I used to use, but I see you already have those. Just put a bit of the juice in them.
pierino March 23, 2013
The scallop shells should work just fine. Also you could use small ramekins. Just don't hold the oysters for too long because they are highly perishable.
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