What temp do you make hard boiled eggs.

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petitbleu March 24, 2013
I also use the cold water start method. This method makes the eggs slightly more difficult to peel, but a hot water start is more likely to cause eggs to burst on contact. However, for my hard boiled eggs, I don't go as long--9 minutes seems to do the trick. Although, it will depend on the size of your eggs. I would experiment and see what you like. Judging from the incredible variety of recipes for this very simple food, everyone has their own preference!
I do think it's important to shock the eggs in cold water after the cooking time is up, though. This stops the cooking and prevents a green ring around the yolk.
paseo March 24, 2013
Now that the girls are laying, I am steaming eggs for 20m to hard cook. Works as well with freshly laid eggs as older for ease of peeling.
pierino March 24, 2013
My method is similar to Sam's. I put the eggs in cold water, cover, bring to a slow boil. Then I turn off the flame and allow the eggs to rest in the still hot water for 18 minutes. Goose eggs are available now so I give those 22 minutes. They are the size and shape of a slightly elongated major league baseball.
I also agree with Sam's advice on "freshness". Very fresh eggs tend to adhere to the shell when you are trying to peel them.
Bevi March 23, 2013
Check this out: http://food52.com/blog/6083-the-best-way-to-boil-an-egg
Sam1148 March 23, 2013
Don't worry about temp. Put egg in cool water to cover about 1 inch. Put on boil. When it comes to boil cover the pan, reduce heat and wait 15 mins. Then remove egg and put in cool water.
Fresh eggs don't work well for hard boiled eggs--old, even past best by date are work better. It's easy to peel them under a stream of cool water.
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