My hard boiled eggs are a bit undercooked. Can I still make deviled eggs?



Diana H. November 24, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Purplestar! Have a great day
purplestar1019 November 24, 2016
Thank you for your quick and kind response. I will venture forward. Happy Thanksgiving to all. I'm thankful for your hotline!
Diana H. November 24, 2016
They look absolutely fine!
Diana H. November 24, 2016
It depends on how undercooked. It's fine to eat soft eggs (from a health point of view). I always like hard boiled eggs that still have a tiny bit of softness in the middle. As long as they're not actually 'runny' but just about 'set' in the centre you will be okay. Once the yolks are mashed up with all the other ingredients it will be fine. You might want to use a little less mayo if your yolks aren't completely firm, though
Kenzi W. November 24, 2016
Hi! How undercooked are we talking? How long were they boiling for, about?
purplestar1019 November 24, 2016
They were steaming for 12 minutes...a method I've used before with good results. I'm attaching a picture here. Hope you can see it.
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