What is a substitute for champagne vinegar

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Claire M. July 27, 2017
Freekeh Salad with chicken peaches and tarragon. It is a weight watchers dish.
Nancy July 27, 2017
There is such a thing as tarragon vinegar. If you have use for it beyond this dish, get some on, use it here & on other dishes.
AntoniaJames March 27, 2013
White wine vinegar usually works well as a substitute. What are you making? Sometimes I add a touch of orange or tangerine or Meyer lemon juice or even sherry vinegar (and I've been known to add a drop or 2 of sherry, as well!), as champagne vinegar seems sweeter than white wine vinegar. For some recipes, a very high quality cider vinegar(organic, unpasteurized, smelling of applies) can be substituted. As one might expect, it depends on the other ingredients. ;o)
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