What is the difference between rice wine vinegar and champagne vinegar?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Greenstuff August 10, 2011
Yeah--it's a matter of taste. Not all rice vinegars are sweetened, but some are. And while I suspect you're thinking of a light rice vinegar, there are also red and black ones. Among the light rice vinegars though, I'd say that Champagne vinegar is less "bright," more "complex."

Sounds like I'm reviewing wines? Well, we sort of are.
Peter August 10, 2011
For me, it's all about the flavors.

For example, I made some quick-pickled cucumbers and onions last week and I used the very sweet rice wine vinegar that's traditional for such pickles. I don't know that it would have tasted remotely the same with a champagne vinegar.

So I guess that leads to the question... what recipe were you thinking of using this vinegar in?
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