Is it possible to make sherry vinegar at home and if so, how? I've made champagne vinegar, white and red wine vinegars and cider vinegar, so I know the basic technique, at least for those. But what about sherry? Does the fact that it's made differently from other wines affect its suitability for home vinegar making? Thank you. ;o)



on T. November 26, 2017
I've looked online to find an answer to this question, but the results were fruitless. I've made vinegar for years, but never considered making Sherry Vinegar until I could not find it in any stores or specialty shops in my area.

Today, I made two Sherry Vinegar starters. Each one has 2/3 cup Acetum Organic White Wine vinegar with mother. To the first I added 2/3 cup Taylor's Dry sherry and to the second starter I added 2/3 cup Fairbank's Cream Sherry.

I could not find any references to which style Sherry to use and had these in the cabinet. If I had my druthers, I'd of use the same name brand of each type. I also found references to other methods and ingredients to create "instant gratification" use Sherry vinegar, but I thought these were odd and returned to the methods that I know.

Making vinegar takes several weeks and I will add an addendum after I have tried each; neat, in a vinaigrette, and reduced then served on a pasta. I will entertain other suggested uses.
on T. February 10, 2018
Its been 3 months since I posted that I made Sherry Vinegar starters from Apple Cider Mother and an equal part of Dry or Cream Sherry(ies). The Dry Sherry vinegar has mellowed and is very nice. Its counterpart remains a bit harsh, I will keep it for 3 to six additional months before giving up on it. I would make it again, but in much larger quantities, maybe a liter of each part.
Swift K. April 1, 2023
I am by no means an expert…however the only issue would be PH and alcohol content…and really it’s just the later. Sherry has a higher ABC (alcohol by volume) than wines due to being “fortified.” Spain is currently running in circles trying to lay down origin laws and who can call what Sherry Vinegar as they are finally catching up after a few hundred years…with Italy. I’m a bit tired to quote the high amounts acetobacter can take for alcohol before it gets too stressed and makes something more akin to the acetate in old school nail polish. Well not akin…it actually is the same chemical. If I remember I will stop by tomorrow and edit

As to those wonky recipes (if one can call them that). They drive me a bit crazy….when looking for a recipe for orange vinegar and came upon some nit wit with a long video on it…I wanted to strangle her through the inter webs when it was nothing more than adding a few oranges to white wine vinegar…and ten minutes of my life lol
Hilarybee November 15, 2010
I think sherry vinegar would be hard- but I think you can make apple cider vinegar using a mother or starter culture. I'd use google-fu to find a website that sells cultures and has information on making vinegar reliably.
TiggyBee November 15, 2010
I wish I had better news, but according to wiki-answers, it's nearly impossible.
: (
campagnes November 15, 2010
I don't have an answer for you, AntoniaJames, but if you wouldn't mind sharing your vinegar-making techniques, I'd LOVE to know how to make them! (hope someone else has a more helpful answer for you) :)
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