I have aebleskiver mix but no pan. any ideas for a substitute cooking device?

Easter Egg Aebleskiver
Recipe question for: Easter Egg Aebleskiver


aargersi March 29, 2013
I am 99% sure they have an inexpensive one at Target ... and of course you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon!!!
dymnyno March 28, 2013
I have two aebleskiver pans and one of them is very vintage(found at the Goodwill) and looks wonderful, but, they both do the same job. Basically aebleskivers are pancakes so if you can't source the usual equipment just make pancakes.
ChefJune March 28, 2013
Lindsey-Jean is right -- there is no sub for an aebleskiver pan. Instead, you could use the batter for pancakes, but then, that's not aebleskivers.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 28, 2013
Bearing in mind that I'm part Danish, and aebleskivers are a big part of my childhood, I have to say that there just isn't a substitute for an aebleskiver pan. You can get them at the specialty cooking stores, but a quick google search pulled up lower price options too. Or maybe a friend has a pan you can take for a test drive before you decide to invest in one? Of course you could probably use your mix to make fluffy pancakes....I'll just have to avert my eyes.
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