What are some good side dishes for this recipe? Also, is there a sauce anyone recommends with it?

  • Posted by: suj
  • March 31, 2013


Nancy August 13, 2018
Interesting. This is an old thread, and people have found many sauces and sides they like to serve with it.
But/and Kristen Miglore's version simplifies Eric Ripert's original recipe a good deal.
She basically seasons with salt and pepper, while he includes herbs (thyme & chives), vegetables (mushrooms &/or asparagus), and port-sherry reduction as a sauce.
So we could all go back to Ripert for ideas of sides and sauce.
KarenO August 13, 2018
We just had it with smooth, buttery whipped potatoes. Made a sauce of 1/3c yogurt, 2 TBS dill, 1 small garlic minced, and s+p. DELICIOUS meal.
suj April 11, 2013
Thanks everyone!! went with a lemon herb sauce, roasted asparagus, and a pea risotto - turned out delicious!!
CHeeb April 3, 2013
An aioli with finely chopped preserved lemons and parsley would be a good all around fish go-to sauce.All of the above side dishes sound yummy.
Sam1148 April 3, 2013
I like Chimichurri sauce on fish.
amysarah April 3, 2013
Romesco sauce goes well with simply prepared fish (e.g., roast or sauteed.) There are many variations, but this is Jose Andres': http://www.spanishsuitcase.com/features/recipes/receta-jose-andres-romesco/

Steamed or grilled asparagus would go well with the fish & sauce; roast or steamed new potatoes would also be a good pairing.
petitbleu April 3, 2013
Céleri rémoulade would be lovely. As would a nice watercress salad--something citrusy and bright. The pea purée mentioned above sounds good, but you could also use favas or soybeans to great effect.
WileyP April 3, 2013
I vote for the asparagus as well, but wrapped with prosciutto or turkey bacon and with a nice balsamic-butter sauce. Sounds like a great meal to me!
ChefJune April 3, 2013
Curious why you would use Balsamic vinegar with a delicate flavored fish. For me, ti would upstage the star -- the fish.
pierino April 3, 2013
I agree with PMarie on bernaise (a tarragon flavored sauce). And asparagus are in season right now.
ATG117 April 3, 2013
a simple fennel salad, quinoa, sauteed spinach with garlic
QueenSashy April 2, 2013
On a hot day I would eat it with crispy vegetable slaw salad, perhaps carrot, jicama, red peppers and/or celery, with herbal vinaigrette. In spring, maybe fennel slaw or green pea pure. Lemon risotto.
PMarie April 1, 2013
bearnaise and asparagus and snowpeas
Kristen M. March 31, 2013
Right now, I'd go for an Italian salsa verde to be served on the side. And in that case, I'd serve with orzo or couscous and sauteed greens.

I think there are other serving ideas in the comment thread on the recipe too!
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