I made this tonight and it was delicious. Unfortunately, the skin of 2 of the 3 fillets stick to the pan. Still tasted great, but it wasn't pret...

...ty. What did I do wrong and how can I prevent it from happening again



ChefJune April 21, 2015
Start with a hot pan. Add your oil only after the pan is hot. (You'll use less oil for the difference, because the heat makes the oil diffuse in the pan). Make sure your fish is very well dried - both the skin side and the flesh side. The skin will release itself from the pan when it's cooked. I'm guessing you were in a bit of a hurry and removed it before it wanted to go. :)
CanadaDan April 21, 2015
I would add to nutcakes answer to make sure the skin in very dry before you put it in ( pat it well with a paper towel) and also make sure you use plenty of oil in the pan. that's a mistake i was making for years before discovering you really need a good glug of oil so the entire pan bottom is covered before putting the fish in at a medium ish heat. now that i found that out i'm getting crispy, golden skin every time.
nutcakes April 20, 2015
Without reading the recipe, usually fish skin will stick at first and it will release when it is crisped. So you are moving it too soon. It might take some practice to get the flame higher so the skin is cooked faster. And make sure to place it into a hot pan.
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