Beau Monde seasoning?

Lindsay-Jean recently pointed us tarragon lovers to a recipe that calls for a good amount of Beau Monde seasoning. I don't have this in my spice cabinet and I'm wondering if it's a mixture I could put together from seasonings I do have. Anyone have a recipe for DIY Beau Monde seasoning?

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • April 1, 2013


Diana B. April 2, 2013
Interesting point about the onion, ChefOno. I've been googling around since you posted and none of the online recipes have much in the way of onion seasoning. This one is similar to the one AJ pointed me to, but with the addition of onion powder.:
nutcakes April 1, 2013
My mother always has this and it isn't a very vivid mix. It is musty to me. She sometimes just mixes it in sour cream for a dip in emergency and I don't like that much, not very interesting. Maybe it is just supposed to be background notes, from the ingredient list.
ChefOno April 1, 2013

Beau Monde is a trademark of Spice Islands if that tells you anything. Since it's been around for a considerable number of years, maybe it will be an exception to the rule that as soon as you become dependent upon a proprietary spice blend, it will be discontinued forthwith (but the manufacturer will continue to keep the recipe a secret).

If it were me, I'd purchase a bottle of the real thing first or at least pick up some clues from the manufacturer who describes it as "a perfect balance of celery, onion and salt with a touch of sweetness". The recipes cited above don't contain onion and only one has just a minor amount of celery.

The Spice House, a respectable proprietor, lists the ingredients of their version as "flake salt, ground celery seed, MSG, sugar, Tellicherry black pepper, toasted and white onion powder, arrowroot, and garlic powder" (which should be listed in order by weight but of course don't reveal exact amounts).

Diana B. April 1, 2013
Thank you! I'm picking bay leaves in a few minutes to dry for the bay leaf powder (an ingredient I can't ever remember seeing on the spice shelves at my supermarket).
AntoniaJames April 1, 2013
Bravo! You'll get a much better spice than any blend you'd buy. Why? Because you can grind the spices yourself, ending up with a much fresher and therefore better tasting blend. (I never have understood the fascination with Old Bay, which to me tastes pervasively of stale ground pepper. You'd never buy ground pepper in the store. Why on earth buy it in a stale-tasting blend?) But I digress. I've never made Beau Monde, or tasted it, but was curious and found two recipes at Read down the comments thread, where someone included the actual ingredients on the side of a jar of the Spice Islands product. Bleehhh. As I said, much better to make your own!! ;o)

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