Any Asian spicy recipe with wild smoked Salmon

A friend of mine send me a kilo of frozen long flat Fillet of smoked wild salmon from Alaska no idea what to do with



bigpan February 26, 2012
I've become fond of Greek yogurt with wasabi. Simply spread on a slice of salmon, roll up and secure with a sexy toothpick, serve with champagne.
This allows the salmon taste not to be covered up with the usual onion/caper mix you see in 1950 style restaurants.
If you want a bit more Asian influence, add some Chinese five spice mix to the yogurt/wasabi, or some Thai sweet chili sauce.
Keep it simple to enjoy the salmon.
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
I should have said the horseradish dressing with the capers, sun dried tomatoes, red onions. Should be served with noodles. Using the oil from sundried tomatoes to toss with the noodles, and then garnishing the smoked fish, horseradish dressing..and capers and tomatoes, red onions, parsley.

I miss the edit button.
fernetaboutit February 26, 2012
I often make a simple stir fry of whatever veggies I have with soy sauce, mirin, and sriracha (or substitute your favorite sauce), served with noodles or rice and then topped with smoked salmon and sesame seeds, peanuts, or almonds. Simple, but satisfying! Just make sure not to go too heavy with the soy sauce or you'll end up with a pretty salty dish.
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
How Asian? Indian?

This is a good idea..which might work with Salmon instead of the ell.
Or use a variation of that.

Also sliced thin with a horseradish (maybe wassbi) mayo or cream franche dressing. With Capers, sundried tomatoes, red onions.

A spicy thickened glaze of asain flavors like a soy/ginger/sugar/garlic. And a quick high heat fire to just carmelize the fish. To use in a Banh Mi sandwich with pickled veggies/peppers..and heck throw in some capers there.

Use on top of a noodle bowl..broiling the egg in the bowl with the broth until soft cooked. With bits of smoked fish in the bowl.
rkleine07 February 26, 2012
Can't think of anything that's spicy or Asian. But there's lots of options - on soda bread or rye bread w dill cream cheese; made in to a dip by mincing and adding to cream cheese, sour cream, horseradish, lemon and dill or anything else you like; in a frittata; in a salad w watercress and a lemon caper vinaigrette; on deviled eggs; on latkes w creme fraiche and chives..... hope that gives you some ideas
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