Brandied cherries

I made brandied cherries in August and canned them and put them in the refrigerator. The jar has been opened for several months. I want to use it in a almond tart. Are they still good and ok to be used. They will be baked.

Julia child
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1 Comment

petitbleu April 6, 2013
I would use common sense here. I do a lot of home canning, and some of my canned goods--particularly jams, jellies, conserves, etc.--may sit in the fridge for months before they're fully used, and I've never run into spoilage problems. If your brandied cherries smell normal and have no trace of mold or discoloration, I would venture to say that they're fine to use. The texture may have suffered somewhat over time, but they should still be very good. Also take into account how acidic they are--more acidic preserves tend to keep longer, although the alcohol in your cherries doubtless contributes to their shelf life.
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