Side salad for beef stroganoff

I'm serving beef stroganoff tonight and have a bag of arugula. Anyone have any good ideas for a homemade dressing and what else to add to the salad?



sweetcorn April 14, 2013
Thanks everyone! I went with the light salad and it was delicious. Can't wait to try some of the ones with beets though!
Maedl April 10, 2013
It is probably too late, but a mixture of different colored beets served as Pierino suggests would look stunning.
CHeeb April 8, 2013
Keep it light with the rich creamy'll be fine with something simple and clean.A finely sliced cabbage/radish/onion/carrott/raisin mixture would offset some of the great main course you have planned. Use a sweeter oil dressing to avoid conflict with your creaminess in the Stroganoff.
Raudi April 8, 2013
Beef Stroganoff - a recipe from Russia. I would add some chopped pickled red beets to the arugula and serve it with a light sour cream dressing (sour cream, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper).
pierino April 9, 2013
Beets definitely! Roasted, sliced and topped with fresh grated horseradish. However I wouldn't duplicate the sour cream which is already in the stroganoff.

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Reiney April 8, 2013
With arugula, I like to keep it simple: mustard vinaigrette (tsp dijon, some minced shallot or onion, tablespoon vinegar of your choice, 3 T olive oil, perhaps some grated fresh garlic, S&P). Toasted almonds, raw shaved fennel, roasted broccoli, shaved parmesan ...all are nice, optional, additions.
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