meyer lemons

I've just seen these at a local store. They seem quite small and soft. Are they usually soft? What is the usual size? Thanks

  • Posted by: Laurelb
  • April 9, 2013


Kitchen B. April 11, 2013
I am CRAZY about Meyers, and am working on a series on my blog about X ways to use and store them. See and
FunkyLady April 10, 2013
I would also recommend making lemon bars with them. Their natural sweetness lends itself well.
I just made preserved lemons with meyers and they came out fabulous! Good luck!
Laurelb April 10, 2013
Thank you everyone. I am going to buy them to make preserved lemons
Maedl April 10, 2013
I find that Meyer lemons spoil more quickly than standard lemons, so don't buy a big bag without plans for how to use them. Also, because of the size and slightly different skin texture, they can easily be mistaken for clementines if you are rummaging through the fruit bin in the refrigerator before you have had your coffee. I can assure you that taking a bite of Meyer lemon instead of a clementine will wake you up very quickly.
dymnyno April 10, 2013
If you can find Meyer lemons with very thin skin they are wonderful Great for recipes like my Lazy Mary's lemon tart. This year my Meyer lemons are veyr thick skinned because of cold January.
Bevi April 9, 2013
There are many recipes on this site that showcase Meyer lemons - from appetizers, to jams, to sides, to use in entrees as a featured ingredient, to a wide range of desserts.

SeaJambon April 9, 2013
And grab them while you can; their season is rapidly coming to an end. We won't see them again until next Fall...
pierino April 9, 2013
Meyer lemons are hybrid rather than a true "lemon". Some might argue with that. But they definitely rank high in the sweetness category. Absolutely delicious so buy them while you can. Because of the thin skin they are very perishable.
HalfPint April 9, 2013
Yes, meyers can be quite soft. The size can range from slightly bigger than a golf ball to as large as a tennis ball. I have a tree and it produces a myriad of sizes and shapes. The skin is very thin and the juice is sweeter, though still tart, than a Eureka lemon. The scent is not lemony as we usually know it, but more mandarin-ish and spicy.
HalfPint April 9, 2013
Just wanted to add that meyers are soft and extremely juicy. I have yet to get one that isn't.
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