I'm making a braciole on Sat. for 6 foodie friends but can't decide what I should make for an appetizer and 1st course. Can you help?



fiveandspice April 12, 2013
I would also think antipasto would be a good appetizer. You could do an assortment of olives, pickled vegetables, Italian cheeses, and some cured meats, and very thin crostini. Or really any variety of crostini with toppings (search this site and you'll find lots of options!) would be a nice appetizer. I love wssmom's suggestion of serving the sauce with pasta for the first course.
wssmom April 11, 2013
If you want to go old-school, you could start with some antipasto like prosciutto and melon. Then,take the meat out of the sauce and serve the sauce atop some pasta for the first course, and then serve the braciole along with a green salad or some grilled green veggies like asparagus. Brings back memories!
pierino April 12, 2013
Very Neapolitan! Brava! The green salad could be panzanella which would be a "bread" salad with greens, tomatoes etc. Crostini with chicken livers would work also. The latter two courses are sort of tuscan.
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