do you really mean UNsweetened chocolate to coat these cookies? I suspect semi-or bittersweet. Thanks!



dianetoomey April 25, 2013
ATG117: you are correct. I used a combination of bittersweet and semi-sweet. Just right.
Thanks for the answers!! love this site!
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ATG117 April 13, 2013
I actually don' believe unsweetened chocolate should be used. I'v eaten pieces of good quality, unsweetened chocolate when baking with it, and it's not what I'd want to dip a cookie in. So, I'd go with semi-sweet. Sometimes things get overlooked, even with community picks.
sdebrango April 13, 2013
I looked at the testing notes, these cookies are a community pick and they were tested by food52 recipe tester and I didn't notice that any changes were made to the existing recipe so I would assume that unsweetened chocolate is in fact what is used. It's possible the sweetness of the cookie itself compensates for the unsweetened chocolate. That said I am sure you could use a bittersweet chocolate and it would be delicious as a coating.
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