Sirloin Tip Roast

We recently received quite a shipment of happy-running, grass fed beef from my in-law's farm in Illinois. I was thawing a sirloin tip roast with the idea that I would slather it with some love and grill it. But it has not yet thawed and I now have to go somewhere tomorrow without a grill and thought I'd ask the hotline for some ideas. I was in the mood for something more "steaky" than "stewy" though I could be persuaded! Something less labor intensive would be great. Considering we will have about 22 more pounds of beef following, any other favorite recipes for rib eyes, roasts, ribs (I only cook pork usually), and even bones are welcome.



jsdunbar April 16, 2013
Fresh herbs sound lovely from here (Calgary). We had a blizzard over the weekend & now have a few inches of snow on the ground. I usually cook short ribs slowly in the oven in a sweet & sour tomato sauce with onion slices, then serve with baked potatoes or noodles + veg.
savorthis April 16, 2013
So much for finding my fresh herbs! Silly Denver in the spring...
fiveandspice April 15, 2013
I don't think I've ever cooked a tip roast! But, I wonder if you could do a dry spice or herb rub on it and then roast it rather like you would a standing rib roast, until it comes to the proper internal temperature. You could even serve it with horseradish or horseradish cream!
aargersi April 15, 2013
No grill? What the WHAT? :-) Could you still slather with the same love, but sear it in a hot iron skillet or maybe broil it and get that steakeyness you crave?
ribeyes - salt, pepper, grill, eat :-)
ribs - low and slow - those are big and meaty - I would also marinate over night

are you getting flank?
savorthis April 15, 2013
I know. Timing was not the best for thawing. I will be tending to my mother who is having foot surgery and she lives in a condo place where you have cover the smoke alarms to do anything serious in the kitchen. I could bring my cast iron skillet though and sear/roast. We have tons of garlic chives popping up and sage and thyme so maybe something herby/crusty.

And for rib eyes- it was a funny request. I agree that you don't usually need more than s&p. We often grill them for tacos in which case we will add some garlic and chili powder. Ribs though...I'm sure there are good ways to do them...I just find them so unworthy next to those of the mighty pig! Do you have any marinades/rubs you prefer? For pork I do a dry rub overnight, bake, then slather and grill. I wonder if Queen Sashys tea ribs would be equally good with beef...
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