ancini de pepe

I have a box of Ancini di pepe. How should I use it?



pierino April 15, 2013
Yes, soup is the answer. Something as simple as a fresh made chicken soup. "Acini di pepe" translates as peppercorns which just refers to the shape. Carrots, celery, some real peppercorns and you are on your way.
sdebrango April 15, 2013
This soup is amazing I have made it multiple times now
boulangere April 15, 2013
You can also cook it pilaf style, sautéeing it in some olive oil, along with onions and garlic, then add stock, and towards the end of the cook time (check the box), add other vegetables, such as some grilled asparagus, some roasted red peppers, perhaps some shrimp.
Monita April 15, 2013
They can be used in salads or soups, especially a traditional "Italian Wedding "soup
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