I have a dilemma regarding recipe notifications.

Editors have been notified, this morning, that I am not (after 2 weeks) receiving notifications of any kind to my gmail and that I will be posting an FYI to the Hotmail so that community cooks will know why I've not responded.

  • Posted by: lapadia
  • April 17, 2013


lapadia April 17, 2013
OOPS! UPDATE: I spoke too soon, this Hotline comment is the only notification I've received today. There were a couple recipe comments, today, not received. Still not working as usual. FYI
lapadia April 17, 2013
lapadia April 17, 2013
Being "grounded" LOL, AJ! :) Update, I received notice that you replied to this Hotline, hopfully all is working again.
AntoniaJames April 17, 2013
Oh, that happened to me a few weeks ago, and lasted for about a week. I felt as if I were being grounded. So sorry you're going through it. I've noticed a number of other bugs on the site. I assume the tech staff is working through them based on user experience priority of importance (with site visitors taking precedence) . . . ;o)
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