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Sweet Potato Chana Masala
Recipe question for: Sweet Potato Chana Masala


Hilarybee April 20, 2013
I ended up doing an experiment. I tested the lowfat on a bit of the chana masala. It did curdle, so I ended up using the sour cream.
thirteenJ April 20, 2013
I think lowfat (yogurt) has a greater tendency to curdle when heated. I would say full fat greek yo or sour cream would be fine
ATG117 April 19, 2013
low fat yogurt

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sdebrango April 19, 2013
I would use full fat sour cream although I am sure a reduced fat yogurt would work just fine also. You could also mix a little full fat sour cream with low fat yogurt if you wanted the full fat effect.
Hilarybee April 19, 2013
So I can't edit this--but I need a sub for the yogurt. Would you use full fat sour cream or low fat greek yogurt? I also have a couple cans of coconut cream, milk, full fat buttermilk, and plain kefir. Which dairy sub would you use?
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