shelter in place

I am in a "shelter in place' situation in Boston. I never heard of that until today. I am still optimistic that I will get my Maine togue, aka lake trout, tomorrow. I think I will stuff it with parsley, lemon, butter and garlic in parchment paper. Otherwise, i am looking for a shelter in place recipes and I have not shopped in more than a week. In addition to previously named ingredients, I have scallions, onions, one tomato and a mango. My freezer has a duck breast and shrimp.



Kristen W. April 22, 2013
If you have a can of coconut milk and a jar of curry paste in the pantry: a Thai curry with the shrimp, tomato and onions, and maybe some sort of salad incorporating the mango and scallion (maybe a little cubed mango and sliced scallion plus perhaps some other element tossed in a little Thai-style vinaigrette?) on the side. I try to keep coconut milk and curry paste in my pantry b/c I think they make another nice option for a "kitchen-sink" kind of meal.
SeaJambon April 19, 2013
I'm a big fan of "kitchen sink soup" (everything but the kitchen sink!) for moments when I need to figure something out of unplanned random ingredients (oh, and a good omelet with "whatever" filling is another option). Forage around the pantry for beans, pasta, potatoes (regular or sweet), canned tomatoes ... that kind of thing. I'm actually making a version of kitchen sink chili right now, using left-over pork roast cut in cubes, black beans, diced tomatoes (mix of canned and fresh), canned corn, all added to sauteed onions, red pepper, cumin, pepper, smidge of paprika -- oh, and some cubed sweet potatoes. Smells great! Every time I make something like this it is different, as it varies based on what is on hand, but it is always a family favorite.
mainesoul April 19, 2013
Thank you. Sam1148 - how did you know I had all those other ingredients on hand? I love cobb salad.
Sam1148 April 19, 2013
I love cobb salad too; that's not truly a Cobb salad. I'm picky that way. The Brown Derby in Disney does the 'real deal'. I've made it a couple of time--it feeds a crowd.
Good luck...I hope that trout is great tomorrow!
Sam1148 April 19, 2013
How about a composed salad with the shrimp for tonight? A "cobb" like salad with boiled eggs, chopped lettuce, onions, tomatoes, bacon, crutons. Served with a lime dressing. With the shrimp on the side---soak the shrimp in lime/garlic peeled and deveined.
Dry them well--dust with smoked paprkia and fry in butter or olive oil. Serve arranged on the side of the salad plate--with cocktail sauce or more lime dressing. Add a soup and bread--and that should be nice 'in place' freezer/stock foods/pantry dinner.
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