if i marinate steak in Worcestershire, parsley, onion and salt & pepper would garlic Rosemary shrimp conflict or complement it?

  • Posted by: joel
  • November 4, 2018


Pegeen November 5, 2018
Not sure I like the rosemary with the onion for the steak. If you're sauteeing the shrimp, why not add just a little extra butter to that, then smear just a little of that over the steak, which you would cook only with salt & pepper. The rosemary butter from the shrimp would be very tasty on steak.
Gene November 5, 2018
It may come out dry tasting because your marinating with salt and worcestershire which may draw flavors out of the meat. Normally I just salt the meat liberally cook the add flavor. Try this if you want to add the ingredients you list, salt and pepper the meat, cook 2 min on one side, flip over, mix the dry ingredients in some butter, add butter mix to 2nd side for 2min then place into preheated oven 4 to 5 min and enjoy
PHIL November 5, 2018
I guess t would be okay but you have a lot going on there. Why not simple season the shrimp . maybe just S&P and lemon. the bright Lemony shrimp will help cut through the richness of the meat. IMHO.
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