Branston Pickle

Does anyone have a tested recipe for Branston Pickle? I want to make it for a British friend who loves it. I can google recipes, but it would be great if someone has a recipe they've tested and would recommend. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • April 24, 2013


jmburns April 25, 2013
Branston Pickle can be found in some supermarkets. We get it here locally at our HEB store. Try a "British Market" or even a website.
ChezHenry April 25, 2013
Branston Pickle is a brand name for a peculiar tasting and very strong pickled product, chutney-like, and used as a condiment for sandwiches or in any manner a chutney ould be deployed. Id liken it to Heinz ketchup, Guldens mustard or anything that based on your long time tastes, cant really be replicated-even though you can easily make ketchup or mustard. The pungency and marriage of flavors wont match up to the manufactured product, nor will the experience. Find a British gourmet store and buy some! (Besides unless you grew up with the stuff, its not. recipe you need in your repertoire!)
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