can i keep pealed potatoes in salted water in refrigerator for 12 hrs before cooking?

  • Posted by: hepclass
  • November 24, 2010


pierino November 24, 2010
Potatoes pealing? What did you do to them to make them ring? But seriously, it takes mere minutes to peel even a large amount of potatoes so why would you do otherwise? I agree with the advice you've received already on cooking them as soon as they are peeled. Potatoes keep for a long time, but once the skin comes off...
Pat E. November 24, 2010
No...not unless you want to lose most of your potato flavor down the drain. Never let them soak for any length of time. Better to cook, then drain and rewarm before adding milk and butter. Potatoes generally don't ever do well in the refridgerator ...whether raw or cooked. I know most folks think this is fine to do... but as a major potato fan I can always tell the difference....and guests always asks why my mashed potatoes taste so good. IMHO
mayrapnc November 24, 2010
I once boiled yukon gold potatos and left them in the pan of water and the potatos turned into the consistency of wallpaper paste! Never again!
drbabs November 24, 2010
yes; just drain them well. And be sure they're well covered or they will turn black
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