The music you cook to?

Pierino thinks "Road Runner" by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers is maybe the best rock and roll song ever and the one we like ringing in our ears at the cook top. Close second, his "Ice Cream Man" (but that's for dessert). It's better than sex. So what are yours?

  • Posted by: pierino
  • April 26, 2013


Baguette &. May 6, 2013
Books on Tape! Nothing more delicious than being read a good story while prepping.
krusher May 6, 2013
Happy birthday for 18 April. Hard to believe you are an Arian etc.
pierino May 6, 2013
"Pop is stupid and contagious, here WE are now, entertain US...
hello, hello, hello..."
krusher May 5, 2013
lapadia May 5, 2013
Thumbs up, krusher!
lapadia May 5, 2013
Link below: FYI and/or Entertainment..and then enough already!
krusher May 4, 2013
I find it irritating and pretentious. Sorry. Although you are right Bevi - that Seinfeld episode was hilarious.
Bevi May 4, 2013
My memories of self address in the third person are of "Jimmy" in the Seinfeld classic episode. Priceless. And those "jumping" sneakers. Class Act.
lapadia May 4, 2013
Pegeen May 3, 2013
Chris, thank you! The "majestic plural"! "Illeism"! My Scrabble game has just gone up a notch.
Greenstuff May 3, 2013
Wikipedia puts first western use of the "magestic plural" in 1169, Henry II, but they have a note "citation needed." They credit illeism, or speaking of oneself in the third person, to earlier times, including Julius Caesar. It "impart[s] an air of objective impartiality to the account." Seems like a trait that any poster on an anonymous board might like for himself (or itself).
Pegeen May 3, 2013
Pierino, kind of like Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth. "Must WE be badgered repeatedly by my Lords?!" Now you're making me wonder how that form of referral became practice. Damn - yet another thing we need to look up. ;-) Also, moments after seeing the different mentions of Brazilian music on this thread, heard Susannah McCorkle singing the "Waters of March." So beautiful - but hard to chop by.
pierino May 3, 2013
I LOVE "Waters of March" (Jobim) which needs to be sung as a duet. One of my favorite versions is the one with David Byrne with his dry RSDI voice against the operatic voice of Brasilian chanteuse Marisa Monte.
mensaque May 6, 2013
..."são as águas de março fechando o verão,é a promessa de vida do teu coração!" Pierino,we must cook together someday...I sing,you chop.Besides Jobim we have another thing in commom:Mensaque comes from Royalty too.A cousin once had the Saba family line traced and swears it went all the way back to the Queen of Sheba!
PazzoNico May 2, 2013
Today, whipping up some pasta dough, I was listening to "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell ("Requiem for a Dream" theme). Pretty intense stuff. Starting out slow and got pretty rough into the kneading process. Then finished real nice by tucking it into a towel and under a bowl.
Perfect song. Must be played full blast.
Pegeen May 2, 2013
p.s. I wish Pierino would not refer to itself in the third person
pierino May 2, 2013
Pierino usually prefers to refer to itself in the first person plural, as in the "imperial we".
krusher May 2, 2013
I agree. Face covered in photos and the royal "we" when there is clearly an "I". Perhaps he is Italian minor royalty. The plot thickens.
pierino May 2, 2013
"we" have ties to the papacy. Like getting a cardinal's red bonnet at the age of 12.
Pegeen May 2, 2013
I love the jazz answers. Who said Anita O'Day?! Scat! - the sound of things sizzling without a scale or measurement. But I also appreciate the answer someone gave of "silence," other than the sound food makes when cooking. Probably a rare experience for most people.
krusher May 1, 2013
If I were ever to have Brazilian music playing it would be orchestral of some form and it undoubtedly would be Villa-Lobos - his concertos, symphonies and chamber music come to mind. I do not speak Portugese so the singing would be out.
mensaque May 6, 2013
"Floresta Amazônica" and "O uirapuru"...ballet music from Villa-Lobos.Sooooooo beatiful!But you must give Portuguese a try cause it's such a "musical" language,you will catch yourself humming melodies all day!
pierino May 1, 2013
I love Brasilian music in the kitchen! Jobim, Gal Costa, Bebel Gilberto, Maria Monte...
mensaque May 6, 2013
If you love Jobim,you should check out one of his partners,Chico Buarque.My favorite...
mensaque May 1, 2013
I sing a lot when I'm cooking,usually brasilian music.When the stereo is on I listen to 60's rock like Beatles or Elvis,love tango(my grandfather was from Argentina)and classical music,especially Bach and Tchaikovsky(9 out of 10 dancers will tell you they love Bach and Tchaikovsky,and I'm no exception).Cool question...
pierino May 6, 2013
mensaque, I would be most happy to chop while you sing Jobim. Brasilian Portuguese is soft and languid while the original is sort of hard and short---but I love both countries. Another "operatic" voice in Portuguese would be Teresa Salgueiro of Madredeus. Some of the happiest moments of my life were spent in Lisboa.
jamcook May 1, 2013
The Supremes Greatest Hits
Marielle D. May 1, 2013
I love roots jazz/trad jazz -- old timey stuff from the early 20th century. Or CCR!
Tokyo B. April 30, 2013
Anita O'day.
Hilarybee April 30, 2013
I'm putting in my two cents for a non-music choice! I love to listen to NPR and books on tape. I especially like Fresh Air with Terri Gross. I'm also trying to re-learn Spanish, so I've been talking a lot to myself (with assist from Rosetta Stone) and listening to Spanish language pop. If I need to really get a move on--as in, people arriving at my home for a dinner that is as of yet unprepared--I like fast paced, African drum music. I find I can really dance along without getting distracted.
savorthis April 29, 2013
Jonathan Richman is playing a show here for a few nights in June at a tiny, grimy, old punk rock bar. We are so excited to go see him again! That said, I tend to think of the Modern Lovers more as driving music but don't know why... I usually play my starred Spotify playlist on random (a pretty big mix of indie, rocker, old school country) and these last couple weeks I have been completely obsessed with Phosphorescent.
Bevi April 29, 2013
I also tend to cook in silence. This time of year, listening to the birds and focusing on the scene out of my windows is great stimulus. Also, after years on and off in the restaurant business, I was used to listening to music and now find the silence refreshing.
boulangere April 29, 2013
I am finding this thread very interesting. I also tend to cook in silence because I am usually photographing and taking copious notes as I go. At work, something trashy is usually playing on the radio, and I've become fairly expert at tuning it out.
boulangere May 1, 2013
Or accumulated podcasts.
krusher April 29, 2013
I consider that a wonderful answer. I'm with you there. As as a cellist and pianist for some years, I know exactly what you are talking about regarding music when you are cooking. Noise is not my bag and most music is noisy these days. My work is intensely face-to-face so retreating to my kitchen overlooking a green leafy
garden filled with birds does it for me. Sometimes the simple things in life bring the most magic to a soul. Cooking in silence is a form of meditation with fringe benefits.

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CarlaCooks April 29, 2013
I actually love to cook in silence. Perhaps do to my training as a classical musician, when I listen to music, I want to pay attention to the music; I'm not a fan of background 'noise.' When I'm cooking, I love to focus on what I'm doing: listen to the various sounds the food cooking, note the smells of my ingredients and how they morph with cooking, and allow my thoughts to both wander and be heard. But that is just me :)
QueenSashy April 27, 2013
Sade, Bowie, Simply Red, Gotham Project
QueenSashy April 27, 2013
Sade, Bowie, Simply Red, Gotham Project
Kristen W. April 27, 2013
Unfortunately, for me to get dinner done efficiently with a four year-old around I have to listen to Elmo Radio on Pandora more often than I would like. *Sigh*
Greenstuff April 27, 2013
A big variety, mostly streamed from Pandora on my iPad. So, I have a follow-on question. What Pandora stations do you cook to?
dymnyno April 27, 2013
Depending on mood and weather; opera, classical, soft jazz and AAA, old rock, South American, Caribbean, reggae...
krusher April 26, 2013
You raised it not me. Oops raising is not a good word either. Really better stop right now now. By the way we still don't share the same taste even in classical music. Guess we're not meant to be together.
krusher April 26, 2013
Cripes Pierino if that is your music preference can't imagine what your sex experiences are like. I better stop there.
pierino April 26, 2013
Krusher, let's not get into sex right now. Pierino loves all kinds of music, from opera (Puccini, Rossini), world (Manu Chao, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Los Lobos), grundge and punk. "Road Runner" works while he's cooking. I could also add the new Mavericks' album as well.
BUT we refuse to listen to Emminem. He's a hoodie dork.
bigpan April 26, 2013
Depends what I am cooking. Italian = opera. Mexican = mariachi. French = palm court classical. Burgers = springstein, etc.
WileyP April 26, 2013
I have a 5 CD changer in the kitchen. The current group on the machine are: Eliot Fisk (Vivaldi Concerti), José Feliciano (double album - 10 to 23/Fireworks), Anne Murry (I'll be seeing you), Quincy Jones (Walking in Space) and Willie Nelson (Stardust).

Great question, pierino!
mrslarkin April 26, 2013
Today's scones are Daft Punk flavoured.
hardlikearmour May 1, 2013
Did your scones "Get Lucky"?
mrslarkin May 1, 2013
haha, yes they did, hla. I love that new song!

Today's Justin Timberlake Pandora station is playing a whole bunch of old 60s 70s funk/soul. I love it! right now, it's Al Green's Love and Happiness.
HalfPint April 26, 2013
I like to listen to NPR and some Coltrane.
PanJo April 26, 2013
Hands down, Bobby McFerrin!
pierino April 26, 2013
With apologies, I must add that I absolutely can not listen to "Don't Worry, Be Happy". It's that fingernails on the blackboard song for me.
Elizabeth R. April 26, 2013
His Psalm 23 is awesome.
boulangere April 27, 2013
Can't wait to be judged here.
Elizabeth R. April 26, 2013
I bounce around. One day it'll be Wu-Tang Clan, Salt-N-Pepa, and Aretha Franklin. And then the next it's The Shins, Tori Amos, or loads and loads of K-pop/K-indie (Glen Check, f(x), Clazziquai, The Koxx).
ChefJune April 26, 2013
This jazzer likes to cook to Joe Williams (Every Day I Have the Blues, Who She Do, Going to Chicago, etc.), Dizzy Gillespie, Ray Brown, Count Basie, Diana Krall, Sarah Vaughan: you get the picture!
creamtea April 26, 2013
Brahms string sextet no. 1 in B flat major, Op. 18. I laugh, I cry, I slice & dice.
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