Do you have a good pickled pear recipe. Do you make up canned pickled pears to sell?

I am looking to do pickled pears for a wedding favor.

Ruth Shumaker


AntoniaJames May 3, 2013
Pickled pears are hard to get "right," when canning for shelf stability. You must start with a good hard pear, and even then, the processing in the hot water bath tends to make the pears kind of soft and mushy. Maybe others here have had more success. I'd certainly be interested in learning any tricks to avoid the problem. ;o)
Hilarybee May 3, 2013
If you are looking to buy, I'd suggest Wendy at Sunchowders Emporia--she is a member of this community. And she offers custom wedding favor flavors.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 3, 2013
Here's one: Depending on when the wedding will be, I like the suggestion in the comments to use sour cherries instead of cranberries.
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