My ripe d'Anjou pears are somewhat bitter. Can I use them in a cake, e.g., Sarah J's pear and almond cake. ;o)

Here's the link to the recipe , if it makes any difference. (I'd be using homemade almond paste, which may be less sweet than the commercial products.) Thanks so much! ;o)



AntoniaJames November 26, 2014
Caramel, yes. So, so yes. Thank you for the uber-prompt reply. In the kitchen now, glad not to be considering a Plan B. Happy Thanksgiving! ;o)
Sarah J. November 26, 2014
If the pears are bitter and the almond paste is also not sweet, I'd suggest putting a layer of turbinado sugar and melted butter at the bottom of the pan before you lay down the pears. I think that would offset any bitterness (and also make for a wonderful texture and a caramelized finish).
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