recipe for dashi miso

Hello all, someone has given me a tub of Dashi Miso. I have no idea what to do with it. Has anyone a recipe?

  • Posted by: teamom
  • May 3, 2013


So as Sam says, it is a soup base. So think chicken stock. You would add veggies, rice, or noodles to the stock. So to make miso soup, add about 3 cups of water to a pan, bring to a boil and add veggies or your ingredients. Think in pairs of 3=a root veg., mushrooms or clams. After boiling, add a green vegetable, green onion, or mitsuba (trefoil) is great, (don't boil so long the green color turns gray) then add the miso on low heat. Try not to boil after adding the miso. The combinations of flavors are endless.
sdebrango May 3, 2013
I saw this recipe today from one of my food blogger friends, she is fantastic and this soup looks amazing
Sam1148 May 3, 2013
What you have there is a combined product of both "dashi" (the stock base) and Miso. Add a bit of hot water to a 2 tsp or so in a bowl and smash it up with a fork--then add more hot water.
It's basically a miso/soupbase paste for making Miso soup
As for recipes--it's primary used for soup because of added dashi. But any calling for miso softened with Dashi would work with it.
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