Searching for suitable side dish to accompany miso chicken w/ grapes & walnuts

Hi there, I'm cooking a birthday dinner for my husband and will make Ottolenghi's miso chicken with grapes, walnust & tarragon, one of his favorite dishes:
It has great savory and sweet notes and I usually cook Orzo with it but that just seems a bit too simple for a dinner party. I'm having a hard time to come up with possible sides that are not sweet (so no roasted root veggies etc) and would go well with it. Does anyone have ideas?

  • Posted by: eva
  • November 10, 2018


Pegeen November 10, 2018
Since there are so many wonderful flavors in this recipe, I'd be inclined to keep the side fairly simple, maybe spinach sauteed with garlic, or brussels sprouts sauteed or roasted with garlic and olive oil. You could toss the sprouts with the orzo.
Sam1148 November 10, 2018
Lightly blanched green beans. (small ones). Then finish them up by warming in a pan with olive oil and prosciuttoham and good Parmesan cheese.
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