Saw a brunch recipe with egg n spinach cooked in hole of bread - looked good but can't remember details. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: Shark
  • May 4, 2013


susan G. May 5, 2013
Different take, similar theme: And those linked recipes look worth a try.
thirteenJ May 5, 2013
Recent recipe from "smitten kitchen" spinach/egg/toast
ATG117 May 5, 2013
ATG117 May 5, 2013
Not sure where the spinch came in, but I imagine you could whisk the eggs, add in the spinach, and salt. Then prepare your bread by cutting out wholes, either with a cookie cutter or a cup. Heat up a pan, add in butter or oil. Put the bread slices in until they're golden on both sides. Then pour the egg/spinach mixture in the wholes.
sdebrango May 5, 2013
I had pinned this recipe on pinterest, it doesn't have spinach but thats easy enough to add, just follow the recipe, and add some sauteed spinach before you put the egg in the bread.
PazzoNico May 5, 2013
"Egg in a basket".

"Toad in the hold" is sausages in Yorkshire pudding.
pierino May 4, 2013
Could it be "toad in the hole"? One of those wierd English things.
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