Roast Chicken Problem

Last time I cooked roast chicken the cavity still had blood in it although the breast and thigh temperature tested it was done.



paoyo March 20, 2014
May be the roaster's heat is high, may be you need to lower the temperature next time for a slow but sure cook inside out :)
see some cooking tips here
Greenstuff May 7, 2013
Good! Hope you'll have a lot more delicious chickens in your future!
socalfoodie May 6, 2013
Chris, thank you so much for the thermoworks link. My chicken was cooked according to my thermapen but there was still blood inside the cavity! The link answered my question.
Greenstuff May 6, 2013
Perhaps this blog entry will help you. It is from a trusted source.
Greenstuff May 6, 2013
Rinsing is not usually the answer for chickens, and I'm still not sure you did anything wrong at all.
socalfoodie May 6, 2013
I think something went wrong with my prep. I am going to bring this chicken to room temperature and rinse out the cavity and dry. I did take the giblets out. The blood was runny.
trampledbygeese May 6, 2013
Did you rinse the chicken before cooking (and then pat dry afterwards)? Was the blood in the cavity congealed or still runny? Was it a chicken with the giblets inside in a plastic bag, the bag melted and the giblets made a puddle (don't ask me how I know this can happen).

It's been ages since I cooked a bird on it's back, I tend to use the stand up cooker, where it looks like the chicken is dancing in the oven. This allows most of the fat to drip out and yet the meat still be moist. But it sounds like it either needed longer cooking or something went wrong with the prep.
Greenstuff May 6, 2013
I don't know what you were using to test, but the obvious solution would be to put it back in the oven unless the meat juices were running clear and the chicken otherwise seemed to be done. In which case, I hope you gobbled it up.
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