I ran out of marjoram for my stuffing! Is there a substitute?



betteirene November 25, 2010
On the plant, the leaves of some varieties of marjoram look exactly like oregano; some of them even smell the same when fresh. Would you miss it if you omitted it? I've notice that a lot of recipes don't call for it at all.
phyllis November 24, 2010
I use about 1/2 oregano and 1/2 thyme when run out of marjoram.
Amanda H. November 24, 2010
Ditto pewins -- and if you have any thyme lying around, I'd add some of that as well because it has some of the same floral aroma that marjoram does.
Pat E. November 24, 2010
use a little oregano...it's the same family
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