best recipe for tacos?



gingerroot November 25, 2010
My favorite taco is leftover medium rare NY steak, thinly sliced and nuked (maybe 1/2 cup at a time) for 15 seconds, plus red cabbage slaw made with sliced red cabbage in a sour cream, lime, cilantro and chipotle (in adobo - to taste) dressing in a warm corn tortilla. The add-ons are endless (cheese, grilled/raw onions, thinly sliced radishes, avocado etc.) and it is always so good!
nutcakes November 25, 2010
oops I forgot to point you to my favorite beef soft taco recipe. This recipe used marinated steak, and the steak is folded into a tortilla with some mild cheese and a grilled medium hot pepper. Don't forget the pickled onions, they rock.
nutcakes November 25, 2010
Hi, use foodpickle when you have an emergency cooking question or need tips in real time. Use recipe databases to look up recipes. That is too general a question, there are so many ways to make tacos, depending on the protein you use. The host here,, has some member recipes listed here:
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