ramps -- I found them without the bulb

For the first time I have found ramps at a local farmers market. Driving away I realized that they sold only the leaf part, not the full length including the bulb. Is this common practice? Should I mate the leaves with some scallion bottoms? And, would this be done to promote regrowth in their habitat?

susan g
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1 Comment

petitbleu May 11, 2013
Yes, Susan. Ramps are very, very slow-growing plants, and while they can grow from seed, they grow best via their tubers. I believe their germination period extends up to 18 months and is very dependent upon weather and elevation. You can simply cut the bulb at its base--right above the roots--and they can grow back this way, but it sounds like the person you bought them from was being extra conscientious--not a bad thing considering how popular ramps are and how prone they are to over-harvesting. You could use scallions along with the ramps although they do have a different flavor. Garlic chives most closely resemble ramps in flavor in my experience.
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