Using up scallions

Any ideas?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • November 2, 2013


boulangere November 6, 2013
This is my absolute favorite way to use up an abundance of scallions:
arcane54 November 6, 2013
Sorry, not tracking the conversation! I din;t notice it said 'light" in the recipe -- I use organic tamari. You might want to try a bit and season to your taste. In fact I'm about to eat some leftover momofuku noodles and chicken right now.... Let me know what you think!
ATG117 November 3, 2013
So many great suggestions. Thank you! I may try to keep some of them growing, if only to experiment.

Arcane, what kind of soy sauce do you use? I see te recipe calls for light soy...
Risa November 3, 2013
You can always chop and freeze in a bag OR keep the scallions with roots in a cup of water by the window, they'll keep growing.
ATG117 November 3, 2013
Thanks, arcane. I'd actually wanted to try it and totally forgot. Maybe the perfect time to give it a go.
arcane54 November 3, 2013
This Momofuku scallion and ginger sauce changed my life (no really it did!). It's great to have on hand and I avoid lots of chopping by using my food processor (pulsing just a few times). I usually serve it with noodles or rice and chicken poached in a ginger/scallion/garlic scented broth but it works beautifully on tofu.
Pegeen November 2, 2013
Just freeze them and use them later in eggs, frittatas, soups, stews, sandwiches, etc.
vvvanessa November 2, 2013
I throw them on a baking sheet with some olive oil and a tiny bit of salt and roast them at a high heat until they are wilted and brown and eat them as a side dish. Or I grill them. I often buy a couple of bunches at at time because I gobble them up so quickly.
ATG117 November 2, 2013
Probably the one thing I've never roasted. On my list for tomorrow. Thanks
vvvanessa November 2, 2013
I hope you enjoy them!

I just remembered that I also love scallion pancakes. Here's mrslarkin's recipe:

And mine (which is for ramp pancakes, but green onions will work fine here):
Sam1148 November 2, 2013
Split some chicken breast for stuffing. Stuff with a mix of thyme, cream cheese and layer in scallions cut about 1 inch long.
Dust with flour and brown then finish up in a 325 oven.
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