Recipe Collection

I'm not sure what happened to my recipe collection. It's still there but extremely slow to load and the photos are different--not as great. It's been this way for the past day or so. Thank you for your help. Love the site!

Catherine Einspruch


Karl R. May 14, 2013
Ok, should be even faster now - and the improved photos are back.
Karl R. May 14, 2013
Should be a lot faster now - thanks for letting us know!
Catherine E. May 14, 2013
Okay, thanks so much! Sorry if I posted in the wrong place.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 13, 2013
I apologize for the inconvenience Catherine. Thanks for letting us know about the issue, the tech team is working on it. (And for future reference, you can always let us know about technical issues by emailing us at [email protected].)
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