How do I fix this black beans and pork shoulder recipe I put too much garlic?

How can i fix this Black beans and pork shoulder recipe I put to much garlic and it's gross

  • Posted by: Lylarose
  • November 22, 2016


AntoniaJames November 23, 2016
Orange zest and juice, along with a lot of chopped cilantro, including stems, might help. That's how I make the pork shoulder to eat with black beans and rice . . . . ;o)
meathead November 23, 2016
Can you remove some of it? Are they whole cloves? Another option is to dilute it by adding more pork shoulder.
MMH November 22, 2016
When I make chillie which turns out too strong or spicy, I add frozen sweet corn.
Erin J. November 22, 2016
Is there such a thing? :)

If the mixture tastes too strong, you can try adding a little bit of fat (a pat of butter, a splash of cream) to help mellow things out.
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