Nice decoration for angel food cake

I am planning to make the cake for my 9 yrs old son's birthday next Saturday and looking for a nice decoration for a whole cake...any ideas?

Tokyo bakephile


Tokyo B. May 18, 2013
Thank you everyone who left replies here. Finally I went the safe side...fresh whipped cream, thinly sliced strawberries on top, with a bit of tiny shiny silver dragees. My son just happens to hate worms, but small dinosaurs and robots would be nice. Maybe next time!
jamcook May 15, 2013
Or crawling out of the hole in the center..and around the and I think alike TLD...long live little boys!
jamcook May 15, 2013
Or gummi any things....lots to choose from
jamcook May 15, 2013
Hey you guys...We are talking about 9 year old boys not a bridal shower! Frost with whatever flavor your son likes best , then decorate with some fun candles and sprinkles or mini M&Ms .. Or buy a package of inexpensive dinosaurs or robots or monsters and stand them on the top around the cake...enough for each child and then give them as party favors. have fun..I miss all those dinosaur parties!
boulangere May 15, 2013
Similar to Suzanne's suggestion, I often fill the center with lemon or lime curd, then ice the cake with meringue and brown its peaks with a torch and call it a Lemon Meringue Cake.
sdebrango May 15, 2013
I like to fill the center, you know the hole in the middle of the cake with fruit, berries or whatever you like and frost the cake with whipped cream frosting.
Regine May 14, 2013
Google blum's coffee crunch cake for a spectacular looking cake. U wilk have to cut cake in 3 slayers i think. There is a coffee frosting made with whipped cream and honeycomb crunch. Or use cool whip instead of the coffee frosting. Check the recioe and picture in And if u dont want to make the honeycomb, use i.e. Heath Bars.
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