Mild high carb high fat foods for someone recovering from surgery?

My stepmother just had hip replacement surgery and I'd like to take over a few days worth of meals. She struggles to keep weight on (a problem with which I have no experience) and can only really digest mild, high carb foods. No onions or garlic. She loves potatoes, rice, bread. I'd like to bring her something mild for digestion, easy to reheat, and packed with calories....suggestions?



ZombieCupcake May 16, 2013
There's always salmon and lentils.
drbabs May 16, 2013
She needs fiber because the pain meds are really constipating.
Sam1148 May 16, 2013
Sardines are very high in protein and made into a mayo based 'salad' on bread could work.
lloreen May 16, 2013
I have to sneak protein in ;) she eats meat but doesn't like it much- just chicken and fish. Hates eggs unless disguised and I detectable - the muffins, rice puddings, and pasta sound like something she'd eat.
lloreen May 16, 2013
Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm going to make a few of your suggestions and take them over. She is just back from the hospital and doing well. I didn't know about the fiber issues... Thanks for the tip!
AntoniaJames May 16, 2013
Rice pudding made with cream and eggs and a combination of brown rice and arborio rice. Add some ground flax seed and raisins for fiber. Top with blueberries. Or toasted coconut. ;o)
drbabs May 16, 2013
I'm serious about needing fiber. When I felt up to baking, I made these:, but left off the pumpkin seeds and added chopped up prunes in place of raisins in the batter. They freeze really well.
drbabs May 16, 2013
You are the sweetest, most wonderful stepdaughter in the world. lloreen, I had hip replacement surgery in February, and while I'm not usually averse to spices, onions or garlic, I found that i really wanted creamy bland food as well. The anesthesia and the pain killers do a number on your digestion, and you're healing so you really need protein and fiber. (lots of fiber. Lots. Like prune level.) I love this quiche. I usually make it with frozen spinach in place of kale, and I substitute Greek yogurt for the cream cheese. (She needs the probiotics in yogurt also.) I made this and froze it before my surgery, and I munched on it for several days when I came home.

Also ice cream! Milk shakes! Pudding! I hope your stepmother does well and has an easy and fast recovery. If she wants to read about others who have gone through it, tell her to look at the hip replacement forum at For me, it was a lifesaver.
(P.S> I have no idea how many typos are in here because I can't review it. Sorry!!
ZombieCupcake May 16, 2013
Peanut Butter Banana oatmeal is one of my favorites for breakfast.
Hilarybee May 16, 2013
Everything that AmySarah said.
Kristen W. May 16, 2013
Pasta has a decent amount of protein for a carb-rich food b/c of the egg that goes into it. That might help on the protein front if meat isn't an option.
hardlikearmour May 15, 2013
What she really needs for healing post-surgery is protein. Her cells need to rebuild, and that process uses protein. Are there any proteins she's able to digest?
SeaJambon May 15, 2013
Mac & cheese w/out the onions? Lasagne, again only mildly seasoned? Chicken pot pie? Bread pudding? Good luck -- it is so important to keep weight up at the older ages

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amysarah May 15, 2013
Macaroni and cheese; gnocchi with a cheese sauce; bread pudding; mashed potatoes with simple roast or poached chicken; noodle pudding made with sour cream/cottage cheese (for protein); milkshakes and yogurt/fruit smoothies; a rich cheesy quiche made with any veg's she likes...I think I gained weight just typing all that.
Maedl May 15, 2013
Perhaps potatoes au gratin--although I use onions and garlic in mine and would think it tasteless without. Perhaps a grilled cheese sandwich, with bacon and tomatoes? When my Mom was very sick, I made creme brulee and she loved that. Tapioca and rice pudding might work well, too--but this all makes me want a hunk of meat.
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