Raw Artichoke

Last year I was listening to an NPR podcast that featured a segment on artichokes. I can't place it, but I'll never forget that there was a part discussing preparing and eating artichokes raw.

Does anyone have any experience with raw artichokes, or any great recipes you know of? Thanks.



PazzoNico May 17, 2013
Yup, sliced or shaved very thin (like on a mandolin) with some greens and parmigiano or pecorino shavings..olive oil, lemon, S&P...it's actually pretty good. It must be when they are in season though when their sweet flavor is at its peak and the flesh is tender.
petitbleu May 17, 2013
The only trick to using artichokes raw is that you have to pare them down even more than usual. Peel the stem and trim the whole thing all the way down to the heart, removing the leaves and choke. Then you can thinly slice the heart and eat it raw, dressed as a salad or however you prefer. I believe Mark Bittman recently did a video on this whole process for the NY Times.
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