Anyone have a recipe for garlic aioli without egg? Need something great for dipping artichoke.


Rachel S. June 22, 2012
Blitzing silken tofu with garlic, salt, lemon, a little cayenne and some oil gives you a creepily good substitute for aioli. On a side note, you can also make a good faux Caesar dressing by adding mustard powder, anchovies, and grated parm to the tofu aioli and thinning it with a little water.
bigpan June 22, 2012
I have not tried it, but unflavored Greek yogurt with garlic might work out nice.
susan G. June 22, 2012
Here's a recipe for a milk-based, eggless mayo from Amanda. You could use this as a base.
Third F. June 22, 2012
You could make a garlic paste and whisk it into some Vegenaise (a good quality eggless mayonnaise) then thin it to an aioli like consistency. Vegenaise is available at Whole Foods and health food stores.
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