Looking for a non-soy nut free protein powder

I'm looking for a good protein powder for my morning smoothies. Problem: I'm avoiding soy and I'm allergic to tree nuts. Any suggestions?



jamcook May 19, 2013
To add lots of protein to smoothies without changing the taste or texture, i use pasteurized egg white , like "All Whites" or similar. I believe that 1/3 of a cup gives you the protein of 2 eggs.
You could probably also use dried egg whites.
Hilarybee May 18, 2013
I'm not a vegan, but I've been investigating healthier protein options instead of soy. Gena Hemshaw recommends hemp protein. Has anyone tried it?
Fortunata May 18, 2013
There are actually whey protein powders that don't have lactose (whey isolate instead of concentrate). That said, if you want to avoid animal products, pea protein is a good option: cheap and high quality protein. It can be a bit more chalky than whey though.
ZombieCupcake May 17, 2013
Whey Protein powder is pretty cheap and versatile. But avoid if you are vegan.
ChefJune May 18, 2013
or lactose intolerant!
ChefJune May 17, 2013
I use a protein powder from http://www.unikeyhealth.com/ that is made with brown rice and yellow pea. I love the smoothies I make with it, and they're very filling.
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