how do I know if a dumpling is cooked?

I'm not even sure I made dumplings correct, but basically I took some flour, generous pinch of salt, cut in some butter then used a wet sourdough sponge to make a very stiff dough. It tasted good, so I divided it into balls and put it in the stew. They are floating now... but when are they done? Never had dumplings before, thinking this is a big mistake.



pierino May 19, 2013
The same is true for dumpling like pastas, say gnocchi. When they float they are done. They might need a little extra treatment, maybe a quick saute in better but it depends on the dish.
Bill F. May 21, 2013
Off topic but I LOVE pan fried gnocchi! With a hard crust some sea salt and parm... Sign me up!
dymnyno May 19, 2013
Of course, you can try one and see if it is cooked. Remember how long it cooked and continue with the rest.
dymnyno May 19, 2013
Dumplings float to the surface when they are done. If you are making chicken and dumplings, they will be left in hot chicken and will continue to cook.
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Sorry, I had a typo in my answer- I meant meat "filling" not "feeling".
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I make Ukrainian varenyky (Pierogies) using a dough made with flour, water, salt and egg yolks.

When I drop the pierogies in the boiling salted water, it takes a few minutes until they are cooked. They will float to the top. My estimate is about 4 minutes in boiling water. It depends on the size of the dumplings and what they are stuffed with. If they have a meat feeling or sauerkraut, e.g., you will need to cook lightly longer.
If you see them starting to come apart-that is a sign they have been boiling too long. Remove immediately.
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