Traveling with chicken & dumplings

I am visiting a friend in the hospital who requested chicken & dumplings for dinner -- it is about a 40 minute drive. Any suggestions for transporting this? I don't think I can reheat it there, so, is it better to take it hot? Will the dumplings get extra soggy? Can I make the chicken stew & dumplings separately and then combine? Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated!

Posie (Harwood) Brien


Katelin M. August 12, 2014
I make chicken and dumplings a lot. I have never separated the dumplings and found they have held up, even microwaved the next day. I normally make them in a heavy dutch oven, when I had to travel I just put the dutch oven on cardboard in my trunk with some duct tape around the seal. But we microwave leftovers in plastic containers, so if there might be a microwave there, then that would probably be a lot easier.
Nancy August 11, 2014
If no mw nor thermos, dig out the old fondue pot or electric buffet heater and take C & D (separate containers) to private cater meal for your friend, combine & reheat when you arrive. Nice mitzvah, as we say.
HalfPint August 11, 2014
I would transport the hot chicken and dumplings in a wide mouth thermos (that's been preheated with some hot water). I don't think it's necessary to make the stew and dumplings separately. I'm no C&D expert, but I think the dumplings will be fine. Having made C&D and had leftovers, I've never found my dumplings soggy after reheating.
Liza's K. August 11, 2014
Hi Posie,
So funny that you asked this - I delivered some chicken and dumplings yesterday and had to travel with it for about a half hour. I separated the dumplings from the chicken stew and combined when I arrived. Almost all hospitals have a microwave for patients (or their families) so I wouldn't worry about heating it up.
Liza's K. August 11, 2014
Oh, I forgot to mention - if they don't have a "patient" microwave, make friends with the nurses, there is always one in their break room.
Posie (. August 11, 2014
thank you! I feel more confident now about this! So you cooked the dumplings in the stew, then separated, then re-combined?
Liza's K. August 11, 2014
Yes, I did - but it was probably unnecessary. I took some to work today with the dumplings in the container and it was fine.
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