How many cups of rhubarb should I get from one pound? I have my own rhubarb plants but no kitchen scale. I would love to make this but it would... helpful to know if it is 2 cups of sliced rhubarb, for example. Thank you

Susan B.


sdebrango May 22, 2013
I happen to have rhubarb and weighed it and I weighed 4 stalks and it came to a pound. Now our rhubarb may vary in size but I would feel pretty safe with 3 or 4 big stalks of rhubarb equalling a pound. I didn't chop it and measure cups.
Susan B. May 22, 2013
Thank you, Suzanne. That would have been my guess but thought it was worth asking.
sdebrango May 22, 2013
I know what it's like when you just don't know and don't have the equipment to check. Glad it helped! The recipe sounds delicious, I may just have to make it with my rhubarb!!
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